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Lampposts in the Moonglow: A Road Dawg Remembered

I wrote the following piece in ‘97. It’s a snapshot of tour life, featuring one of my dearest road warrior brethren: Ed “Munch” Miller… who we just lost last week. Munch and I started touring together way back in ’84, … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For This?: Finding Rare Vinyl for “Rich” People

It’s hard to believe that, on this day, 34 years ago, we lost Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers to ever roam the earth. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live on at least a dozen occasions, … Continue reading

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Embracing the Paparazzi and the Art of Non-Judgment

As some of you may know, my latest book, Zentauria, is based on the interaction with a highly-evolved, utopian society and a lot of Zen-like philosophical tenets. One of the key tenets highlighted throughout the adventure is mindfulness, which is … Continue reading

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Drum Solo

It’s no secret that I love to do drum solos. Grew up on ‘em. All my favorite players were monster soloists… and purveyors of the drumming art form in the process. Sadly, it’s become somewhat of a dying art, partly … Continue reading

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