About This Blog

I’m a drummer, writer, health and fitness fanatic, vegan, activist, producer, philosopher, educator and seeker.

As a result – to anyone just joining us –  you might find as you peruse the archives or scope out some of the upcoming entries, that we cover a rather wide terrain at this blog: health and nutrition, exercise and fitness, the mind/body connection, music/art/creativity-related things, veganism, animal advocacy and environmental issues, and more.  At times, it might appear as though we’re all over the place, with not much more to guide the way than our current theme; “Living Large From the Mind, Body and Spirit.”

But to me, “mind, body and spirit” isn’t just some worn-out new-age catchphrase.  It actually represents the three interconnected parts of our being.  And if we are to truly live fully from this integrated space, then we would do well to explore issues and ideas from all the various aspects of this trinity.

That’s why I believe that, indeed, everything’s connected, and there’s less need these days for all of this radical compartmentalization between the various sectors of our lives.  Your efforts in the body realm where nutrition, exercise and the mind/body connection are concerned, will pay big dividends in the spirit or artistic realm, where increased energy and a sharp mind will assist your creative work.  At the same time, engaging the immense joy of your creative passions has been shown to quantifiably elevate your levels of total mind/body wellness.  Meanwhile, your overall attention to mindfulness in the mind realm, will factor heavily into the quality of your experience in both the body and spirit realms.  Again, everything’s connected

Some of the entries here are excerpts (edited or otherwise) from one of several upcoming books, the most obvious being Muscles, Mangos and Meditation.  It deals with superior health and the total mind/body fitness lifestyle.  These entries and excerpts are spread out among three or four related subcategories (like nutrition, exercise, etc.).

Additionally in this blog, I comment on various animal and environmental issues (as they all relate to “mindful” living), and other relative life happenings and current events as they relate to this rather wide subject matter.  Basically, I feel like anything that gets us either thinking or rethinking is a good thing.

And, of course, there are entries geared exclusively toward my musical journey; drumming stuff, memoirs and “reports” from the road, etc.

Anyone is invited to comment on a post whenever they feel compelled.  And while we certainly don’t always have to agree with each other (what fun would that be?), we only ask that you keep the tone of your comments as respectful to all as possible, so this blog can be as constructive and useful to as many as possible.

Thank you for joining us..

5 Responses to About This Blog

  1. elsie pallanes says:

    will the book be coming out soon? just wondering. take care and thanks for all the health advice.

  2. Bobby Rock says:

    I believe so, but at this point, I know I’m like the “boy who cried wolf” with all the deadlines I’ve missed on this thing!

    Thanks for your patience…

  3. JasonS says:

    Thanks so much for writing this blog. I always learn so much from you and am inspired by your drive. Take care and be well!

  4. Robert M. McKay says:

    Dude, do you know how I can get in touch with Mary T.? I was one of her “babies”, I think.

  5. Katherine says:

    I have to say your books are fantastic, especially Zentauria love it.

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