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Building Strength and Muscle: How it Works

I get a lot of questions about protein, supplements, special training routines and the like when it comes to building strength and muscle.  And as a long-time vegan, the inquiries are often multiplied, given the fact that I’ve continued to … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Heart Attack-Proof!

Big news in the world of plant-based eating today: The Journal of Family Practice just published a hugely successful study that Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and his team recently completed. It confirms what I’ve been preaching about for over 20 years … Continue reading

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Must We Use Supplements?

It is a common assumption to many that the vegan diet requires some form of nutritional supplementation, since the regimen is 100% free of animal products.  There are usually questions about protein, calcium, iron, B-12, omega 3 fatty acids, and … Continue reading

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Beware: Low-Carb Diet Insanity Continues…

Los Angeles.  8-8-10.  7:12 AM.  Headline News.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  CNN’s Fit Nation.  I do not believe what I just saw and heard. Right before bedtime this morning (yes, forever the night owl…), I happened upon a disturbing piece of … Continue reading

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