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Social Media Madness and the Mind/Body Connection

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’ve yet to really embrace this whole social media thing. Yes, I have the various accounts; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.  But I’ve yet to send a tweet, and I’m horrible at getting back to everyone who sends … Continue reading

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The Power of Two or Three…

Hey all – Just wanted to share a quick observation about the whole meditation thing for those who are just getting into it… Yes, I know that many teachers/methods suggest that you start with 20 to 30 minutes. And yes, … Continue reading

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Stepping Into the Sacred Space

Happy New Year, everyone. As we kick into a brand new decade, I just wanted to talk briefly about a practice that we would all do well to engage as consistently as possible in the new year.  And that’s this … Continue reading

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Supercharging the Creative Process with Visions and Digits

We’ve been talking a bit about the power of whole-brain thinking these past few weeks, and how it’s the combination of the structured left-side of the brain, with the artistic right-side, that enables you to reach your greatest heights, creatively.  … Continue reading

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The Art of Journaling

It was tough to decide whether to classify the art of journaling in the Artist’s Realm or as a Mind/Body activity.  I chose to use both, because it is of great benefit to both, as we’ll discuss. Journal vs. Diary … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Secret to Super Mega Peak Performance Brain Power!

As mentioned a few entries ago, I would like to open things up a bit more around here and delve into the aspect of mind/body/spirit living that deals with peak performance and increased creativity.  So, as a major foundational component … Continue reading

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iPhone App Showcase: AmbiScience Pure Meditation

This app, to me, is technology at its finest.  It’s essentially a meditation aid that provides ambient sounds and a timer to lead you through your sessions.  You select one of over a dozen basic soundscapes which are comprised of … Continue reading

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What Are We Feeding Our Bodies AND Minds?

Hey Everyone – With total mind/body/spirit living being our overriding theme here, I’ve been wanting to expand the blog a bit to include some cool stuff from the peak performance/artistic realm. This might include things like whole-brain thinking, increasing creativity, … Continue reading

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The Reverend

Had to chance to catch a lecture by my friend, Rev. Heng Sure, at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo here in LA last weekend.  Reverend Sure is one of the first Buddhist monks born and ordained in the United States, and … Continue reading

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Breath is the Blessing

Just wanted to pass along a quick thought this evening. Earlier this week, I attended a Fall Equinox celebration here in LA (where else?) where a group of us gathered for an evening of contemplation, reflection and meditation as we … Continue reading

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