App Showcase: Evernote

Here’s a blog category that I wanted to revisit today. Two things, though;

1. This category isn’t only about iPhones anymore, so I don’t know how relevant the whole “Fellow iPhone Cult Members” category is these days. Most apps are applicable to many different smartphones and tablets.

2. This particular app – Evernote – is one of those rare, but cool, cross-platform apps that can co-exist on all of your devices, as well as your main computer. In fact, it’s really more of a program that you can sign into from virtually any device, so it’s more like a program that offers companion apps for smartphones and tablets.

So what’s the relevance here?

As we’ve had a few recent entries detailing things like journaling, the right-brain, left-brain creative process, and being more diligent about keeping track of things, it’s important to talk about tools that help us simplify this process.

Once upon a time, it would suffice to just use a single-source journal or notebook; either an old school paper one that you would write in, or some kind of journal program on the laptop. (And this can still work if you insist on going old school and/or are less comfortable with technology.)

But now, since most of us are carrying around various devices, I recommend a program/app combo situation so you can create and access your various notebooks, journals or virtually anything else (like research materials, articles, audio notes, shopping or packing lists, and on and on it goes) from any device, at any time.  This is where Evernote comes into play.

evernotelogoHere are some of the main advantages of Evernote:

♦ As you create or amend a note on one device – like your laptop – it will update on your other devices automatically (or with one click on the refresh button). This means you can seamlessly manage or access your various notes throughout the day, plus have your own built-in back-up system in case a device crashes.

♦ Imagine writing notes in a training journal on your computer at home, but then accessing the info on your smartphone, once you hit the gym.  Super convenient.

♦ Imagine doing some writing on your tablet in the afternoon, but then picking up where you left off on your laptop, once you get back home. You can essentially take your work anywhere.

♦ Imagine creating separate notebooks for key research, recipes, articles, or media like pics and vids, then having instant access to all of this stuff from any device. (Be sure and scope out the “web clipper” function.)

♦ You can use your audio recording functions in two different ways. First, if you want to capture a lot of info at once, you can create an audio note and assign it to its own notebook. Then later, you can transcribe it from your home computer, if necessary. Second, if you’re driving and unable to write, you can use your smartphone (at least the iPhones do this) to capture a note via the voice-recognition function. You speak, and the words appear in a note… then you can organize these notes in the appropriate notebooks. I started using this function all the time, once I figured out how futile it was to stockpile voice memos without staying on top of the transcription process!

There are limitless ways to use this program, but you can always start with one single journal or note-style application and take it from there.

Here’s a pretty cool blog-post I happened to find that details 30 different ways to use Evernote. Ladies, ignore the whole “Man’s Guide to Evernote” thing, or the “Art of Manliness” tone of the website. I have no fucking idea what this site is all about, but the article seemed cool.  You might want to check out some of the many comments at the end, as well.

Try this program out. It’s a game-changer.

If you decide to scope it, go here and sign up:

It’s free!  (No need to go “premium.”)  It’s also very easy to get started…

Enjoy –



  1. This is blog #11 in my 20-blogs-in-30-days series for June 2014.  Onward…

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