The Holy Grail of Health – in One Single Graphic!

Today’s blog is a continuation of our June 2nd post entitled There is Nothing More Important Than Your Health. In that entry, we talked about the importance of the “Big Three” healthy lifestyle attributes – Exercise, Nutrition, and the Mind/Body Connection – and how these three areas affect the primary aspects of your physical being: your body, blood and brain. We also looked at a basic triangle graphic so you would have an easy-to-remember visual reference for the Big Three.

Now, let’s look at a slightly more detailed graphic that offers more detail about what comprises each of these three realms. Again, notice the triangle theme. As it turns out, I have discovered that virtually every great Truth regarding superior health shows up in threes. So you have the one main big picture triangle for the Big Three, but then you’ll notice each of the Big Three attributes has its own triangle of three attributes, as well. This tells us that there are actually nine total areas of consideration if we are looking to embrace the ultimate, superior health lifestyle.

But don’t trip on me. Let’s start with the graphic, then I’ll break it down a bit for you:

holygrailgraphicThis is the Holy Grail of Health graphic!

 I’m sure much of this is self-explanatory, but here’s a super quick overview of what each component is all about:


Resistance – Training that focuses mainly on weight-bearing exercise, like weightlifting, resistance bands, or even certain bodyweight exercises like pushups.

Cardio – Any form of exercise that elevates the heart rate and conditions the cardio-vascular system, like jogging, cycling, hiking, swimming, and dozens more.

Flexibility – Types of exercise that involve stretching and increasing your range-of motion, like yoga, martial arts, or just a basic stretching routine.


Get All Your Nutrients – Establishing a complete eating regimen where you’re getting all key nutrients, mainly from your food, but possibly with a little help from key supplements.

Assimilate All the Nutrients – This component deals more with the particulars of how you digest and assimilate your nutrients; eating five or six smaller meals and snacks throughout the day, chewing your food more thoroughly, tending to the health of your digestive enzymes and intestinal flora, etc.

Avoid the Toxins – A difficult but obvious one… all about cutting back on, or getting rid of, all the junk in your diet so you stop polluting your body!

Mind/Body Connection

Calm Your Mind – Developing simple lifestyle strategies that promote stress management, better rest, and mindful living.  Could include meditation, conscious deep breathing, journaling, getting more restful sleep, “Zenning” your home environment, etc.

Condition Your Brain – Exploring activities that nurture and “exercise” both the right (creative) and left (intellectual) sides of your brain for increased creativity, clearer thinking and a stronger overall mind. (And yes, this kind of mental conditioning positively affects your physical health.)

Create Your Reality – Understanding the science of thought and how your thinking, beliefs, and overall mindset influence the events of your life… and therefore affect your overall sense of wellness and contentment (two critical elements of mind/body health).

What To Do Next…

I know what you may be thinking right about now: “Damn, this is a lot of shit! How can I possibly integrate all of these concepts into any kind of sustainable lifestyle philosophy?”

The answer? Gradually, at your own pace, in your own way, and in your own time.

The point of this graphic is to provide you with a big picture overview of all aspects of superior health… at a glance. This doesn’t mean that you have to jump out and start trying to juggle all nine components tomorrow. This graphic is there as a guide, and you can use it in several different ways. Here are three (of course!):

1. Expansion: As a menu of options if you’re wanting to expand on what you’re currently doing. Perhaps you’re doing pretty well with exercise and now you’re interested in improving your diet. Here you can see three different approaches to take in that realm.

2. Checklist: As a checklist of areas to examine if you’re not feeling well. Let’s say you’re feeling stressed-out all the time. This is mainly a mind/body realm issue, but then you notice that you’ve hardly been exercising lately and you might decide to get into some kind of cardio or resistance training to burn away some angst.  Or you might realize in the nutrition realm that you’ve really been hammering the caffeine and sugar lately – both of which can exacerbate the stress levels – and decide to cut back.

3. Improvement: Maybe you want to really zero in on a particular realm, so you remind yourself of the three areas of that realm and see how you can make a few improvements. Perhaps you’re running and lifting weights but are neglecting your flexibility training. This can lead to fatigue, muscular tightness, structural issues, slower recovery, etc. By integrating a few 10-minute stretching routines here and there, you’ve taken your program to the next level.

* * * * * * * *

In a few days, we’ll delve further off into the nutrition realm.


PS. This is blog #6 in my 20-blogs-in-30-days series for June 2014.  Let’s keep it pumpin’…

About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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4 Responses to The Holy Grail of Health – in One Single Graphic!

  1. Keri says:

    3…my number…the dayz it took for jesus to rise…the father/mother..sun and holey ghost..synchronicities arrive in 333’s…too many to name…lovin the blog…relater to everyday, look forward to..such consciousness x  k

    and you kill it with the pyramid  

  2. pammanganaro says:

    Love it Bobby!!! Thank you for inspiring me!! Pam


  3. Nick says:

    Great piece. Keep up the good work.

  4. Christine says:

    Appreciate your time, effort and sharing it with us all.

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