Keeping Your Companion Animals Safe For Halloween

Hey Everybody –

Covered this one last Halloween, but thought it would serve as a timely reminder.  Also, I’ve included an update to my last post at the bottom of this one.  Just scroll on down….

Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your companion animals remain as safe and stress-free as possible for Halloween.

1. If you expect trick-or-treaters, consider keeping your companion animals in a different room during the busy hours.  All of the commotion (to say nothing of the bizarre costumes) can be stressful for many dogs and cats.

2. If they seem okay with the parade of visitors, keep a special eye out for the “darters.”  Some animals can get extra amped up with all the activity and might try to do some trick-or-treating of their own as they make a break for the open door!

3. I would not leave a dog or cat outdoors (even in the backyard) on Halloween night.  All kinds of stupid, even tragic, shit has happened to companion animals through the years, as certain emotionally and socially retarded individuals have elected to involve animals in their various “tricks.”

4. Keep an eye out for all forms of candy and wrappers, especially chocolate.  All is off-limits for cats and dogs.

5. Watch out for lit pumpkins and other decorative candles.  Make sure your dog or cat can’t knock any of these things over or burn themselves on them.

6. Finally, I would resist the urge to dress your companion animal in one of these ridiculous fucking costumes.  If you insist on doing this – and you are 100% positive that they don’t mind – make sure that the ridiculous fucking costume is in no way inhibitive to their movement, irritating to their skin or fur, or restrictive to their vision in any way.  If a doggie (especially) can’t see what’s going on, they might be more inclined to bite or nip.

That should about cover it.  Have a safe one, everybody….

Follow-up To My Last Post About the Lost Dogs

Yes, I still have the dogs.  We’ve had several inquiries, but no matches at this point.  So, it will be neuter time tomorrow morning (on Halloween day, no less!), then we’ll start the process of finding either a fantastic forever home for these guys or, at the very least, an excellent foster situation while we continue to seek out the forever home.  If anyone knows anybody who may be suitable for either scenario – or if you’re in the LA area and have an interest in them yourself – drop us an e at with a message about the pups in the subject line.

Again, these are GREAT dogs.  Very easy to care for and, as an added bonus, they don’t do the small dog, prison-bitch barking thing; they don’t piss everywhere; and they’re very attentive to commands.  (Of course, they would not be any less “great” if these things were not the case, but you get the idea…)  They are also really bonded to each other, so they MUST stay together.

Holmes and Puto

As mentioned, I had assigned “Holmes” and “Puto” as their temporary names.  However, several pendejos have suggested that Puto might not be the best choice as I take these two into the adoption marketplace.  So Puto will now take the temporary name of “Sherlock,” as in Holmes and Sherlock.  (Is that marketable enough?)

Don’t worry Sherlock… you will always be “Puto” to your Uncle Bobby!

About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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5 Responses to Keeping Your Companion Animals Safe For Halloween

  1. phil mesi says:

    That’s unbelievable that there is not a national lost dog organization in your area so they can be returned to there owners. or a community bulletin board where you can post photos o f them to see if any one claims the dogs? I hope they find a good home.

  2. Michelle Roberts says:

    In response to a judgmental diatribe: I could say a million things about people who cannot have children, who worship their PETS as if they were their children and even go so far as to dress them up for Halloween as they would children (and those pets seem to love to preen themselves in the attention). As for political correctness as to what we “call” our pets, oh sorry, animal companions…please…wouldn’t those so judgmentally correct in what we “call” these animals not name them nouns “PUTO” that mean “male prostitute”? At the same time, if we are to show such respect and individuality to said animals, how about we not patronize them by giving them names as shallow as celebrity icons. Don’t you just cringe when you meet a little girl named Madonna or Britney, knowing full well how they were named? Just not lest ye be judged.

    I find it ironic that the majority of the most judgmental people have never even EXPERIENCED ON THEIR OWN what they are judging. Whether it’s parenting, or raising animals (your parents pets don’t count). And yet with all this judgment, you refuse, with EXCUSE, as to why you cannot make a permanent home for these precious animals who seem to be doing JUST FINE in your home for the last few weeks. Many of us are busy and travel. There are caregivers and pet hotels and many options for those of us who are BUSY.

    Shame on you, Bob. Climb down off your cross. You can either keep these dogs, or you can keep making excuses as to why you can’t. Either way, stop judging those who MAKE ROOM IN THEIR LIVES for what we call our pets. They don’t really care how much time we have for them, they only care that we love them.

  3. Michelle Roberts says:


  4. Peaceful Monkey says:

    Wow, really, Michelle Roberts? Where do you get “judgmental” from Bobby’s post? Are we reading different blogs? The irony is the only judgmental thing I’m reading here is YOUR comment! Bobby is the least judgmental person I know. And I know many who would say the same. It’s actually funny to hear someone call HIM that.

    With regard to the term companion animal versus pet: why do you take it so personally? Companion animal connotes guardianship, not ownership, and some cities like West Hollywood have actually tried to legally change the terminology used to reference our relationship to cats and dogs from owner to guardian. This is reflective of a larger philosophical discussion about animal rights, and as someone who reads Bobby’s blog, I would hope that you would’ve understood that by now.

    The fact that Bobby is referring to one of the dogs as “Puto”… well, again if you were to know Bobby well, you’d know that that is his vernacular, his humor, his unique voice, and that he in fact, uses extremely colorful language when speaking to people he cares about. Those of us who know and love him, understand that.

    Why are you criticizing Bobby for not keeping two highly adoptable dogs? Those of us who are in rescue know that sociable little dogs get tons of good applications, and the rescuer’s job is to find the perfect match. That’s Bobby’s job now, as the rescuer. And incidentally, Bobby’s living situation does not allow for keeping companion animals and anyone who knows his day to day life would know that. It’s not just about being busy or traveling a lot. It’s far more complicated than that, so perhaps writing a private e-mail to Bobby asking him the reasons might have been more appropriate than writing such a judgmental and accusatory comment on his blog. These dogs can, and will, get a much better suited home environment, and Bobby will continue to help hundreds more animals who cross his path. That, I can assure you of.

    And incidentally, there are many people who save the lives of countless animals each year but don’t adopt any themselves. Their homes have revolving doors, so that more and more animals can be taken out of dangerous situations and placed in good forever homes. Case in point — Bobby has personally helped me rescue 150+ homeless cats and dogs from the streets of Los Angeles over the last few years. So next time Bobby is out with us from 11pm – 4am in a crappy and dangerous neighborhood, trying to trap feral cats in the middle of the night to save them from gang members who want to kill them, or next time he’s helping bottle feed an emaciated, orphaned kitten who is close to dying, or even driving 13 dogs who were about to be killed at a LA shelter up to a rescue seven hours away, I’ll remind him to “climb off his cross” as you so kindly put it. Things aren’t always as simple as they appear now, are they, Michelle Roberts?

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