The Final Countdown: LA Marathon tomorrow!

After 24 weeks of training, the day has arrived.  It’s supposed to be cold, rainy and windy, which is so ironic given how few days are actually like that in LA all year.  But… what can we do?  Gotta suck it up and run through it.

Not sure what’s going to happen for the actual marathon, but I’ll say this; I have no regrets about how these past 24 weeks of training have played out.  None, really.  It’s usually been seven training sessions per week over a 6-day schedule, with Tuesdays typically being the double-up day.  And technically speaking – even with all the travel and some heavy personal life shit – I didn’t miss one single day of training, based on the original running schedule our coach gave us, along with the original weight training regimen I decided to go with during the marathon training.

Yes, I did a few Wednesday runs on Thursday, and few Saturday runs on Sunday, but they are all accounted for… even the exact number of miles I was supposed to run (except for when I had to cut back a bit to heal a strain on week 21).  I feel good about that… although I suppose it could be argued that I could’ve skipped a run here or there and been better off for it!

Also, I’m sure it could be argued that I was probably a little too preoccupied with my pace at times, and that I sometimes trained a little too close to the edge of injury, considering my capabilities as a novice runner (which are very limited!).  But then again, I know that a lot of the speed and hill work made me faster and stronger so… no regrets.

Finish Time

Maybe I’ll get into this a bit more after the fact in another entry, but yes, to those who have asked, I do have a target goal time in mind for when I would like to finish.   Everyone says that the only goal I should be thinking about is just finishing the damn thing.  What can I tell ya?  I’ve had this time in mind since our third or fourth week when my coach wrote down his suggested goal times for each of us.  I was stunned when I saw the number, thinking that I would shoot for something like that in a subsequent marathon if I ever decided to do another one.  But he never backed down from his suggested time, telling me “You have it in you NOW to do this.”  Of course, he’s also advised that, if it ain’t meant to happen this time out, don’t worry about it; adjust my strategy accordingly.  (Don’t worry, Trey, I will!)  But I’ve probably put a little more pressure on myself than necessary to hit the time.  So I’ve decided to do my best to hit the pace I need to hit and try to maintain it.  BUT, if things starts falling apart, I will switch into “let’s just finish the damn thing” mode.

The Unknown

Truth is, I have no idea what to expect.  This distance-running thing is so unpredictable.  Some days, I’ve gone out there and knocked out a big double-digit run on like 3 hours of sleep, no problem, and even at a faster-than-normal pace.  Other days, I’ve felt well-rested and strong, then struggled for much of the run, with my legs feeling like concrete, my body all sluggish and my pace a full minute slower than normal.  There’s just no telling.  And for the really long runs, it’s not uncommon to go through phases during the actual run.  Example: first 3 miles feel tight; next 7 feel pretty good; miles 10-13 my legs feel super heavy and my body feels fatigued; mile 14, the heaviness lifts for no apparent reason and all is good for a couple more.  Mile 16, a pain in my knee begins, but only lasts for 2 miles; mile 18, I suddenly feel elated, like some kind of crazy second wind kicked in… and so forth.  And I imagine if you run three marathons, you will have three different experiences.  For now, I’m only thinking about this ONE!

Thank You!

Friends, thank you all for hanging in there with me during this time.  Once we get on the other side of this marathon thing, I’m sure we will be returning to normal around here with the usual variety of other kinds of posts.

And once again, I appreciate everyone’s support for my cause.  We’re in our final hours of fundraising here, so if you haven’t had a chance to participate, jump right in.  You’ll be helping out babies like these:


These two little girls had a safe home with a man who really cared about them (and some other neighborhood cats he took care of), but he couldn’t afford even a basic level of preventative stuff.  So he brought these babies to Kitten Rescue and they arranged for them to be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and tested for FeLV/FIV.  They are thriving in their home, all safe and sound, and NOT reproducing like crazy.

So, last call:

All donations of exactly $27 to my Crowdrise page made through Saturday March 18 will get you entered into a random drawing to win a live, one-hour phone or Skype session with me. It can be a nutrition or exercise consultation, a Skype drum lesson, or pretty much anything else you would like to talk about for one full hour. (You can even transfer your session to someone else as a gift, if you like.)

The random drawing will be held on March 20th and the winner contacted immediately. And remember, all proceeds are tax deductible and will be put to good use for a homeless cat or dog. Here’s the link. Just hit the donate button. Will only take a couple minutes.

Or… donations in ANY amount will be appreciated!

Thanks again, everyone!


About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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6 Responses to The Final Countdown: LA Marathon tomorrow!

  1. sister says:

    what can i say that has not been said… already have one the race

  2. Hayden Stone says:

    In an optimistic way, Bobby, run like hell! D:<

  3. Trevor says:

    Congrats Bobby! Great achievement for you personally and for the animals.

    BTW, did you meet your goal with 4:22:42?

    Again, well done!

  4. Hal says:

    Congratulations on your great run yesterday Bobby! It was nice to meet you yesterday morning!


  5. trinityelsie says:

    how was the run?

    god bless,

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