Marathon Training: Week Seven

This has been one of the busier weeks I’ve had in quite awhile… which means that any kind of steady sleep schedule is the first thing to go out the window.  I know it’s bad, but there are just not enough hours in the day these days.  And I know I’m falling behind on my blogging here (among other things), but I want to at least keep these training journals consistent – for whatever the hell that’s worth.

Here’s what this week looked like:

Sun – 11-13-11: Weights at the gym (#2 HST-style routine – 8-rep feature.)

Mon – 11-14-11: 30 min on treadmill.  Walked first 5 mins, easy jog for 20 on progressively steeper incline, walked last 5 mins.  Nice and easy.

Tue – 11-15-11: Workout #1 – 4 miles tempo work with training group.  Tried to keep my pace under 8 minutes for miles 2 and 3 but couldn’t hold it there.  Got under 8 for some of it, but wound up averaging something like 8:14 between the two.  Again, my body felt strong, like I could’ve moved much faster.  But I just didn’t have the cardio conditioning to maintain it.  I guess that’s why we train!  This was the same route that we did 2 weeks ago, and I did it in only 1:15 faster.  Thought I would be quicker.  Perhaps the three hours of sleep I got last night (this morning, really) factored in?  Don’t know.  I’m just a novice runner who’s probably paying too much attention to his times right now!   Workout #2 – Weights at the gym (#2 HST-style routine – 8-rep feature).  Felt noticeably fatigued tonight… not as strong. Again, I suspect the lack of sleep and the hard run earlier in the eve had something to do with it.

Wed – 11-16-11:  Felt a little beat-up from yesterday (I’m sure those squats and stiff-legged deadlifts AFTER that speed work last night didn’t help). But I ended up settling into a pretty comfortable run once I got past that first mile or so.  Started a bit slow at 10:08, but then settled into a nice 9:27 average pace (including an 8:40).  I remembered that it’s the shorter, quicker steps that help with the faster pace.  My tendency seems to be taking longer strides on tempo day… which might be why I’m getting so winded at the sub-8 pace.  Stay tuned, kids…

Thu – 11-17-11: Weights at the gym (#2 HST-style routine – 8-rep feature.)

Fri – 11-18-11: Rest day

Sat – 11-19-11:  A pleasant 7 mile run, half of which was done in a light, refreshing rain (although it was a bit chilly so early in the AM).  Felt really good.  Only thing I noticed was a light tightness in the calf/shin area.  As usual, it was nothing that affected me on any real level, it was just something I was aware of.

In fact, that’s my only minor concern so far: this light fatigue in my shins.  There’s a light ache going on most of time when I run.  Been icing these bitches, and using the massage stick all around my lower legs to keep things loose.  Part of the price of admission, I’m sure.


PS. I’m running for my favorite cat and dog rescue group and looking for sponsors/donations!  Any size donation is appreciated!  Please visit my donation page here:

All donations are tax deductible and will really help some animals!  Thanks much…

About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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5 Responses to Marathon Training: Week Seven

  1. Christine says:

    The pain in your shins sounds like shin splint symptoms.
    Hope you find time in your schedule to relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving. Perhaps catch up on some sleep, too!

  2. trinityelsie says:

    happy thanksgiving! god bless u and keep up what u are doing. we love u brother- trinity and elsie
    midland, tx

  3. blaselias says:

    Bobby, great to see that you are running! I may try to come out and run the marathon with you. Just one word of warning. Be extremely careful with the speedwork and hill training. Especially if this is your first marathon. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself after all the hard work your putting in.

  4. Bobby Rock says:

    Christine –

    You might be right.

    Trinity and Elsie –

    Hope you guys had a great one yesterday!

    Blas –

    Will be careful, for sure. And yes, that would be great if you made it out for the marathon. Of course, you would be finished WAY before I would!

    Let’s catch up.


  5. Trevor says:


    Good luck with the upcoming Euro gigs.

    Regarding both training and the vegan lifestyle, do you need to plan ahead when travelling abroad? Will the Ultimate Meal (and your blender) be travelling with you?

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