It’s Time….

Greetings all –

I have no idea what’s prompted me to return to this sadly neglected blog at this moment, other than a deep and sudden yearning to pick it up again. Also, October 1 has just rolled around, and that has ALWAYS denoted change… a shift… the new “fiscal” year for me, in a sense. Lots of important shit has happened in my life on or just around October 1 through the years, not sure why.

I’ve missed you guys! And I always appreciate the e-mails, inquiries (as to where the fuck I’ve been), and occasional concerns. Of course, I generally don’t respond to them – and especially anything coming down the pike on Facebook – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the notes and appreciate them. So thank you all.

Everything has been a groove on this end. This past year has prompted a few significant shifts in both my personal and professional life. It’s funny… as I will occasionally be prompted to read one of my past blog entries, I’m sometimes startled by how harsh my tone has been at times. (Poor Sanjay Gupta!)  I’m saying to myself, “What the hell? Why so vicious?”

The blessing of a blog is that it offers an immediate, unfiltered expression of a thought, observation or idea. The curse of a blog is that it offers an immediate, unfiltered expression of a thought, observation or idea!  When you’re writing a book, you have the benefit of sitting with your ideas and philosophies for many weeks or even months. This gives you plenty of opportunity to amend the tone… to “take the edge off” of an idea if necessary, once the initial reactionary emotional component wears off and the deeper truth emerges. You also have the benefit of a pro editor scrutinizing your work, questioning things, keeping you honest.

But again, with a blog, you just throw the shit out there – quick and raw – then have to more or less live with what you’ve written.  So be it.  I still stand by everything I’ve ever written here… I just probably would no longer have the same emotional charge behind certain issues.  Not because I care any less, but because I think I’ve cultivated a deeper understanding about things… life, human nature, why we’re here, the relentless practice of mindfulness and non-judgment, the mirror effect… etc., etc.  I’m sure we’ll be philosophizing about a lot of this stuff in the weeks (and hopefully months) ahead.

Let’s see…. what else?  A few quick things:

Music – Been interested in getting back out there a bit more these days.  Musical explorations based around the “Alphabet Drumming” concept have been expanding lately, and I’ve found myself in the woodshed a bit more than usual.  Also, been doing some dates with Scrap Metal recently (the “all-star” band with the revolving door of vocalists project that I do from time to time), and I’m scheduled to do a quick handful of dates in Europe next month with Graham Bonnet and Alcatrazz.  Should be a hoot.  Man, I grew up on all of that Blackmore’s Rainbow shit… will be fun to bash out some of those tunes, along with the old Alcatrazz and Michael Schenker Group stuff.

My First Marathon – I recently started training for my first marathon.  Always wanted to do one, but with my background in weightlifting (and the 40-plus pounds of weight that I’ve added to my frame as a result!), I’ve always felt woefully ill-equipped for that type of “extreme” endurance experience… hence the challenge of it.  Plus, I’ll be doing it to raise some dough for my favorite charity, so stay tuned for a separate category of entries based around my training process (so you all can vicariously suffer through the agony with me).  And get ready to be hounded for donations!  Gotta raise some coinage for the animals, people!

Zentauria – My latest book… I’ve never sat on top of a completed manuscript for so long.  Don’t know what I’m waiting for.  It’ s done; finito!  Been through two editors and is ready for publication.  Been done for ages, in fact.  But somehow, some months back as I was flipping through a hard copy, it suddenly felt too personal to publish… too close to the bone to share, I suppose.  Crazy, right?  But now I don’t really care who reads it, so I’ll probably get off my ass and formally publish it at some point in the near future.

For now… I tell ya what – fuck it! If any of you guys – my faithful blog readers – would like a complimentary PDF version of the entire book, just e-mail me a request at and I’ll e-mail it to you directly. Just put something in the subject line about “Zentauria,” or “Send it,” or something like that.

Man, what’s gotten into me tonight?  In about 15 minutes, I’ve started up this blog again, publicly committed to running a marathon and unofficially released Zentauria.  I’d better shut this motherfucker down before I wake up with a case of serious “writer’s remorse” tomorrow!

Seriously, love you guys.  Look forward to reconnecting with everyone and getting into some cool shit around here…



About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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4 Responses to It’s Time….

  1. Trevor says:

    Hi Bobby,

    Welcome back (to your own blog)!

    And Long Live Rock N Roll! No need for Alphabet Drumming there!


  2. Christine says:

    Bobby, it is great to have you back and blogging again! Look forward to some educational exchanges.

    In recent news of Steve Job’s death, I have a question I’d like to ask you and I am curious what the other fellow blogger’s opinions are on this topic.

    From what I read, Steve Jobs was a pescetarian. I also read early on in his illness, he underwent an experimental procedure called peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. This treatment is not FDA approved, so he had to get the treatment done in Switzerland.

    I am jumping around a bit here. There is a recent study that indicates that PSA tests for prostate cancer may not save lives. I have also been reading something similar for women and mammograms. It appears they are leaning away from recommending an annual mammogram for women.

    Bobby, you are a vegan a clean eater like Steve Jobs, if you were diagnosed with the same rare form of pancreatic cancer (neuroendocrine tumor) would you consider alternative treatments/medicine/diet?

  3. Bobby Rock says:

    Hey Christine –

    I have no health care, I see no doctors. I require no medicines of any kind. Been that way for many, many years. Can’t imagine getting sick like that. If I did, I personally don’t think I would go running to the medical community for help. I would probably take a closer look at ALL facets of my lifestyle and try to identify what could have possibly triggered or created such a condition in my body. From there, I would address the deeper problem (be it mind-related and/or body-related) and, if necessary, seek the counsel of some hardcore holistic healing specialist.

    But that’s just me…



  4. trinity&elsie says:

    great to have u back! we thought u had died, returned to the meat lifestyle or just said fuck it to everything… we missed u! we love reading your post. keep it up and hope to hang w u soon.
    peace and lots of love,
    trinity and elsie pallanes
    midland, tx

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