A Global Reckoning

As we examine our current economic situation here in the US and attempt to assign a little accountability, there are no shortages of places to point the finger.  Government, corporate, Wall Street…take your pick.  We can find plenty of folks tying up the airwaves with ammo directed at any of these entities, plus many others I didn’t mention.  So be it.  Accountability is a good thing.

But one thing we don’t hear a lot of these days is the facet of this issue that deals with personal responsibility…the piece of the puzzle that we each, individually, have contributed.  This, to me, is a good place to start in the accountability department.  It’s also a very empowering place to begin because it reminds us that everything we’re seeing in our national financial landscape isn’t really the problem in and of itself, but merely a symptom of a deeper, more philosophical problem.  And that has to do with how we all, individually, choose to interact in the world…what we all go tirelessly in search of…and the price we all choose to pay for the things outside of ourselves…“things of this world.”

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying this is where the buck stops.  Nor am I on some kind of anti-materialism rant.  But I believe we all need to start with a healthy dose of inner-reflection and see if some of our “micro” decisions have, in fact, contributed to this “macro” predicament.

This brings us to today’s Season in the Warrior Utopia excerpt, which I think you guys are going to dig.  It goes pretty deep.  Check it out:

Excerpt from; A Season in the Warrior Utopia by Bobby Rock

Dr. Zeus and the Global Reckoning

Day 31 – 8:40 PM (The Tea Hut)

All things are connected…whatever becomes pervasive on the micro view is ultimately reflected in the macro view…anything unsustainable to one will surely be unsustainable to all…what we reap, we sow, and what is sown into the fabric our own experience will invariably – on one level or another – be sown into the fabric of the group experience.

Such are the reoccurring themes I continue to see and hear around Zentauria. This notion of relentless personal accountability is engraved into their lifestyle philosophy, and driven home to the children from a very young age.  It is staggering, how much these kids are exposed to, and how much they truly do get it.

Which brings me to this inspiring moment.  I just got back from an ultra dense, three-hour workshop at East Village High with a bunch of 11th graders.  Shannah Mack, a teacher there, invited me to check things out as “enviroconimist” Dr. Genovah Zeus (and yes, everyone calls him Dr. Zeus!), conducted his monthly lecture for the kids.  I’m not sure what I’m more knocked out by; the depth and range of Dr. Zeus’ presentation, or these young high schooler’s intelligent response to it.  Again, if only our adults were so bright.

Dr. Zeus’ presentation was called “A Global Reckoning,” and it focused on many of the cause and effect consequences of the US and our recent financial upheaval.  I sat off to the side of an auditorium stage with Ms. Mack while Dr. Zeus – a hip, 30-something scholar with a long black Mohawk and beard and flowing African jumpsuit – stood near a gargantuan flat screen with his laptop.  He took the kids through a riveting multimedia expose on how the dangerous triumvirate of materialism, greed and irresponsibility morphed from an acceptable personal mantra to a crushing national crisis.  If this presentation had been delivered in any other country, I would’ve sought refuge from embarrassment by hiding underneath my chair.  But, as usual, I felt zero sense of judgment here in Zentauria.

Still, though, to see him lay it all out as he did was really something.  His non-bias, non-partisan dissection of events from the past couple of decades lent a refreshing transparency to everything. It even gave me a more in-depth perspective, while gently illuminating the main point: We all did our part, as individuals, to create this.

Think about it: On tier number one, we have the beloved consumer, who chose to live beyond their means, and get stuck in the doom-loop of debt through high-rate credit cards and time-bomb mortgages.  Tier two is the second-offenders; those credit card companies with their loan shark interest rates and loopholes, and those financial entities who redefined the outer limits of deregulation so they could offer you a mortgage on a home they knew you couldn’t really afford…but knew they could sell off to yet another entity.  These third-tier entities were in the quantity over quality business, taking on risky mortgages in the spirit of astronomical commissions and bonuses.  But then when the bottom fell out of that poker game, they all went crying to the fourth tier – the government – for a staggering bail-out that would ultimately be funded by…you got it; taxing the chumps back on the first tier!  The American way, right?

Dr. Zeus’ main objective in illuminating the cause was to parallel the individual experience with the nation’s collective experience.  His presentation shattered the borders of compartmentalization and showed these kids how the violation of basic spiritual laws can have a boomeranging effect throughout other facets of living that most people view as separate from spirituality, like money, politics, business and government.  He then demonstrated how the US, as a micro entity, was having a devastating effect on the whole world, as the macro entity and, therefore, how the micro actions of each individual really do extend globally.  It was an epic presentation that I wish could’ve been piped back into CNN’s The Situation Room via satellite!

Continue here: http://www.bobbyrock.com/day31


About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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