A New Season Begins

So…we’ve had another drought on the BR blog.  I know.  I’m pathetic.  What can I say?  Sometimes I gotta go MIA…to disappear from all forms of structure and obligation.  The muse beckons…life calls…distraction sets in…and I’m gone.  My apologies to all of you who’ve continued to have an interest and even checked in on my ass from time to time.  Nothing but love here…

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, let me just say that life strikes me as a series of seasons, and I feel like I’m just about to step into a new one, for several reasons. My intention as we move forward is to crank out steady entries on this blog, at least until the end of the year.  There is much to converse about, several super cool new things on the horizon and tons of thought provoking material already on my hard drive, just waiting to find its way into the world.

And yes, the muse has beckoned lately…like never before.  In fact, as I sit at my desk typing this, I am two feet away from something that has eluded me for quite awhile now; a completed manuscript!

However – I’m not referring to the one you may think…that main albatross I’ve been trying to finish these last few years, aka “the health book,”  aka ” Bobby’s new book on total mind/body fitness,” aka “the revised Muscles, Mangos and Meditation,”  aka Rock Solid Fitness, aka “that new book Bobby always says is almost done,” etc.  That book has been nicknamed The Grail (as a final title is decided) and yes, there’s a draft of that, as well.  Stay tuned for a steady stream of excerpts before its official 2010 pub date.

The new book I’m referring to is something that has been largely responsible for my MIA status as of late.  It’s written in travelogue/journal form, and details my 11-week adventure living among the world’s most highly-evolved, self-actualized beings, on a small island off the east coast of Africa.  It’s called, A Season in the Warrior Utopia and, simply put, it has been among the most exhilarating projects I’ve ever been involved with, creatively, spiritually and every other kind of way.

Some weeks back, I promised someone in my inner circle that I would begin posting material from this book online by “the end of July.” We are almost there, and I will start posting, as promised.  Can’t wait for you guys to read some of the entries from this book.  It’s easily the heaviest shit I’ve ever written, and I think you’ll groove on it.  Look for a post here to announce the first preview from the book, and then a more formal announcement about the official release date soon.

Beyond that, here are a few other things of note to report:

1. My main site, bobbyrock.com, is in the middle of a radical overhaul (although none of the new pages have been uploaded just yet).  It should be a lot easier to navigate around and, oh yeah….you’ll even be able to order stuff again!  (Novel concept, right?  I’m such a great marketer of my wares…)

2. While this blog will remain intact, exactly as is, it will actually be moving physical URL locations to the updated bobbyrock.com site.  I will post that new link when its ready, then you guys can bookmark the new locale, or RSS it, or whatever.

3. In light of my whole Season in the Warrior Utopia experience, the subject of this blog will be expanding slightly to encompass all forms of the mind, body and spirit lifestyle.  I realize we’re pretty diverse as is, but the deeper I go in my reflections and ponderings, the more of an intrinsic connection I find between all of these lifestyle facets.  So…probably not much will change, but I’m guessing we’ll traverse a slightly broader terrain along the way.  And, of course, I will be featuring excerpts from the book here, with some of my own private reflections on the experiences. Should be cool.

4. One of my advisors recently told me, half-jokingly, “You don’t have to change the world with every blog entry.  That’s what books are for!”  I will take that to heart.  I’ve often found myself delaying making a blog post here if I felt like it wasn’t “significant” or “in-depth” enough…and then allowing days, even weeks, to pass between entries.  I will stop this foolishness now, knowing that you, my trusted reader-base, are subjected to massive amounts of info as is and will likely welcome an abbreviated musing here and there.

5.  Once again, to my special friends out there, you know who you are (including but not limited to those in New York, KC, Midland, Australia, SLC, Quebec City, Japan, Spain and other places unknown beyond an e-mail address). Thank you for giving a damn.  Love you guys.

Likewise…to those other special, and perhaps a bit overzealous few – again, you know who you are – I love you guys, too.  However, please, knock this shit off.  I never wanted to get into having to block people from certain accounts, or requiring that every blog response be monitored before it posts.  So – listen up:

Regarding “unusual” requests and sending “special” photos…send as you wish, I don’t mind.  But just remember that, if you don’t hear back from me, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t receive or even appreciate your submission.  In fact, know that I do appreciate them, but I’m generally unable to respond.  (Believe me, I’ve really appreciated several!)

And as for asking certain questions…ask me anything once, even twice.  Ask here, via e-mail, MySpace, Facebook, or wherever, once, even twice.  If you don’t hear back from me, it’s nothing personal.  I get a lot of inquiries and I simply can’t get to them all.  Or I might not have a decent answer for you.  So if you don’t hear back from me, please…let it go.  Look elsewhere for your answer.  Try another resource. Google the motherfucker.  Go to the library.  Anything.  But I can assure you that your repeated inquiries only aggravate the folks who help me and will NOT get you any closer to a response.

That said, love ya, you all are welcome, and I will instruct my team to lift all blocks and bans so we can start anew, cool?

All for now, brothers and sisters…

About Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer, the author of nine books, and a recognized health and fitness specialist with certifications in exercise, nutrition and meditation. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, released three CDs as a solo performer and is recognized as a top drumming educator. He is currently touring with rock icon, Lita Ford. Through speaking, writing and activism, Bobby remains committed to a number of animal and environmental causes. Bobby lives in Los Angeles.
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3 Responses to A New Season Begins

  1. Trevor says:

    Look forward to hearing of your adventure Bobby.

    And glad to know you’re still out there!

  2. hey bobby,
    good to have you back! we love reading your blog, there is alot of good useful material and you’re a kick ass guy…

  3. Despina says:

    Hey Bobby,

    Welcome back, looking forward to reading more about your adventure sounds like a hell of alot more adventure than I’ve had this summer! LOL

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